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Shapeshifter Studio is a London-based company that provides a variety of services to assist luxury fashion brands with the development of their collections.

Pattern Cutting - we work from your sketches, inspirations or collages to create patterns in-house, or remotely from our studio in Wood Green.

Product Development - we assist with developing your designs further into products that will perform well as retail pieces.

Consulting - from the way a garment fits, to the way it feels and the way it’s finished, we advise our clients on all sorts of technical solutions to create the best possible products.

Production In Poland - we have partnered up with luxury garment production companies in Poland to provide clients in London with the opportunity to produce their collections at more attractive prices, with the same high quality.

Footwear Design, Development & Production - our new footwear expert, with 15 years of industry experience, guides clients throughout the process of creating functional designs, sourcing components, making samples and liaising production.



Chopova Lowena

Paolina Russo

Sinéad O'Dwyer



Please get in touch with us on to start the conversation on how we can assist you!

Shapeshifter Studio/ Victoria Pietrasik
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